From Making Adhesive Tapes to All-Around Coating.

When REGULUS became a registered trademark in 1910, adhesive-coated materials were already at the center of our development activities. During the course of the company’s history, more and more product ideas for sophisticated film and paper were born.

"In the old days, our products only responded to the market’s current needs. Today we go way beyond as we develop solutions for applications not even known to the market.” Ralf Koenig, Managing Director

Printable Media, Service Included

For one hundred years, Regulus’ name has stood for coated special products.

  • Films and papers for digital printing
  • Coatings for inkjet, laser and other modern printing systems
  • Precise, flexible and efficient manufacturing technique
  • First-class service
Innovative Materials for Inkjet and Laser Printing

Inkjet and laser printers can print on more than only normal paper. Your advantages with Regulus products:

  • Constant, secure printability
  • Excellent image quality
  • Reproducible results in the case of serial production
  • Certified shelf life
  • Guaranteed fitness for each respective use
  • Universal compatibility with a wide range of hardware and inks
  • Consistent coating, i.e. identical profiles and results on different materials

The Company

  • Administration and manufacturing
    located in Erlangen
  • Family-run since 1910,
    approx. 70 current employees
  • Worldwide distribution via
    trade partners

Company History

  • 1910
    Max Koenig registers
    REGULUS trademark
  • 1940
    Claus Koenig company
    established in Guben
  • 1946
    Company re-established in
    downtown Erlangen
  • 1960
    Grand opening of
    today’s headquarters
  • 2000
    Europe’s most universal
    coating facility
  • 2013
    REGULUS joins the Folex
    group of companies