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The Regulus Name Stands for Coated Special Products

There are innumerable uses for finished film and paper. We make boring surfaces printable or self-adhesive, scratch-resistant or waterproof, rough-textured or smooth, colourful, matt, glossy, conductive, or fireproof. In any case, they will be perfect for the specific use you desire.

Pop-Up Display

Stable pop-up systems or wall constructions are available in a straight or bent design – an effective large surface to advertise brands, products, or services. ... more

Glass Decoration Film

Transparent advertising graphics on glass panes that create the impression that the pane has been directly printed upon. This effect is made possible by Dialux® SIGS print film, which is both crystal-clear and glossy. ... more


Illuminated advertising is an ideal advertising option to ensure a striking presence mainly when it is dark. Your messages will be visible from afar in bright brilliant colours. ... more